New Epica utilizes a unique organizational structure called “Technology and Costing Teams" to bring our customers the utmost in service in the development and introduction of new programs. The teams are made up of Product Designers, Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Engineers and Managers. Differs from traditional structures where departments hand off their work from one department to the next, our team structure allows the same resource to aid in design and engineering, quote all aspects of a product, manage the project through the introduction cycle, set up supplier managed inventory programs and assure that the product is successfully and efficiently being manufactured in production.

The process of design and manufacturing is as follow:


Product Analysis

We adopt MOLDFLOW to do injection simulate flow analyzing, educe the optimum project reduce the unplanned of design, greatly shorten manufacture cycle of mold design


2D Design of tool
Use the 2D software of AutoCAD to design the mold


3D Design of tool
Use the 3D software of UG or Pro Engineer to design products and separate mold structure, establish and transfer relevant accessory form the total picture, and separate the accessory according to the conditions of machining


Simulate Machining
Use software for UG or MasterCAM to insure data that from design to simulate machining and then quickly NC machining nicety impress

In the course of mold manufacturing, we will Email all the manufacturing information to you in the form of progress report and pictures once a week


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